Thank You

A few extra special grats appear here.

Merci Tout La Monde

I have met a lot of amazing people over the years and recently I've forged new and interesting friendships with people who mean a lot to me.

While some people may be coworkers, some contributors and some well-wishers, they all deserve recognition and thanks.

With that said, i'm going to continue this project of making sure everyone who has helped me to where I am now has been shown the gratitude they deserve.

Love you guys!


Everyone who has helped me with the Dances of Vice "Le Sacre du Printemps" Spring Ball 2009:

  • Ryan, you put up with not only my craziness but the craziness of about a dozen other women. You are a saint.
  • The Libertine Asylum, Heather, Megan B., Drayke, Lucinda and Megan M.
  • Amber - Thank you so much for compiling the Lolitas!
  • Chandler - the usual stuff and being my friend
  • Drayke - as always you are a GENIUS!
  • All of my models - Amber, Martha Taylor, Aishia, Rashanda, Bianca, Johnny Quinlan, Brian Viglione, Patrice Miller, Janel-Renee, Aya, Yanise, Molly Grise, Rebecca
  • Courtney, Christy, Robin, Deity and Doedeere - You saved our butts with hair and makeup!
  • Heather - You know why
  • Kel and Katie for letting me steal their wedding clothes.
  • Nicole and Rashanda for helping all of us crazy people who only had two hands.
  • Alvin for keeping Ryan company
  • Shien Lee - Thanks so much for having all of us! We had a great time and I hope it's not another full year before I see you again XD
  • My NY friends - thanks for making the whole experience insanely amazing. My new NY friends, thanks for rocking my face :3

Everyone who has helped me with Zirkus - A Dark Carnival of Fashion 2007:
  • Ryan, the love of my life who gives me great ideas after he comes up with them in our "epiphany shower".
  • My mother and my friend Heathre who helped me meet my deadlines. You are amazing!
  • Arquette Models - they worked so hard to get enough models for this show.
  • Chandler ( You're an inspiration and a slavedriver and I love you for it.
  • Drayke ( You're a kickass photographer and you got what I meant when I said Vanity Fair Cover.
  • All of my models
  • Vicki and Peggy, thanks so much for forgiving my missing class to finish this line. At least you know I wasn't being lazy!
  • Eryn, thanks for the extra pettis for the night and for sewing buttons on the shirts backstage! You saved my ass!
  • My friends for coming and having a good time!
  • My family for believing in me :)

Everyone who has helped me with Diva 2007 and my upcoming men's line:
  • My amazing fiance who keeps me motivated, doesn't let me take breaks when I have deadlines and rubs my back when I have ouchie muscles. Thanks baby!
  • Kat, thanks for being my best friend and partner in this crazy endeavor. Your jewelry is top notch!
  • My brother for being the inspiration for my menswear line, Marching Achilles.
  • Chandler, my publicist and good friend of many years. So much of this is thanks to you. Thanks for keeping me on track and being tough on me.
  • Ivy for the amazing photos. You are such a great photographer and editor. You rock!
  • My new models. I'm excited to work with you all.
  • Vicki and Mark, my amazing professors who push me to make sure I don't suck. Thanks for helping me with my questions, and Vicki, thanks for the advice with my mens line.
  • Scoundrelle, you're a great friend. Thanks for helping me when it felt like I didn't have enough hands.

Everyone invloved in the 2006 FFB SGMS Fashion Show:
  • My awesome boyfriend whose motivation in keeping me in fashion is that he'll be a kept man someday. I love you, Ryan :)
  • My great models: Carolyn, Karen, Kozy, Megan and Jess. You guys were so cute and totally kept me calm!
  • Kat, my best friend and jewelry artist. Thanks again for making such beautiful items and for being at the show!
  • Lisa and Crystal on makeup and hair, the girls looked SOOOO cute!
  • Patrick Kelley for taking such great photos. As soon as my LA show is over, I'll post those pics. Don't want to leak my new line for people to steal!
  • Frenchy, Theresa and everyone else who kept me from tearing my hair out!

Everyone invloved in the 2005 FFB SGMS Fashion Show:
  • Ryan and my dad for keeping me motivated, focused and keeping me from strangling someone.
  • Lynzy for doing all the hair, BY HER SELF, when both of my other stylists backed out. She's a freakin' machine!
  • Lisa for sending me makeup when she couldn't make it.
  • Olivia, Maddie, Amanda, Jenny, Sara, Morcheeba and Amy for being the amazing models they were.
  • Everyone in my group for being prepared and on time.
  • Alicia for trying her best to keep the show running well despite snags.

All the people who helped and were part of the first shoot (February 2nd, 2002):
  • My mom for giving me a clean place to sew right before my deadline, helping me with buttonholes (because her machine is way superior to mine in a lot of departments), and for everything she always does.
  • My dad for helping me flyer one productive day.
  • My brother, Kel, for making great copies. Go to his page or I'll eat you.
  • Monica Connelly for doing such beautiful and flawless updos. I really really appreciate it and you added such a perfect touch.
  • Jake Yuzna for doing great photography and FOR FREE! You rule, Jake!
  • Angelina, Jenna, Cecilia, Jenny, Sebria, Bethi and all the others who flyer for me in other states!
  • Lydia for the last minute hair accessory modeling.
I love you all.

Samm. x

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