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gotta promote friends

In this section I list all the places I frequent as well
as people I've met over the last year or so.

I can't wait to share the things I love with you :)
If you want to link to me,
let me know and we can exchange.

Recommended items and where to find them:

>> Corsets and Gaiters - Scoundrelle's Keep

>> Bloomers and PJs - Megan Maude

>> Tiny Crowns and Coats - Apatico

>> Delicious Tea and Alice merch - Alice's Tea Cup

>> An Excuse to Dress up and Live Decadently - Dances of Vice >> Burlesquey goodness - Midnight Muse Revue >> Feminine steampunk & Lolita Jewelry - Bionic Unicorn

.Fashion and Lifestyle -

++Megan Maude++
++Victorian Maiden++
++Avant Gauche++
++h. naoto++
++Mille Fleurs - Mille Noirs++
++Sucrerie Magazine++
++The Ugly Duckling++
++Lolita Charm++

.Treats & Fairy Stories -

++Folklore and Mythology++
++Grimm's Brothers Tales @
++Ted Naifeh Comics++
++Andrew Bawidamann++
++Shiver in the Dark++
++Lemony Snicket++
++Official Harry Potter Site++
++Official Edge Chronicles Site++

.Music -

++Mindless Self Indulgence++
++Eli August++
++The Cliks++
++Bella Koshka++

.one has to promote their friends -

++Keltron 2030++
++Lucky Legendary++
++Bulaklak Tribe++
++Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits++
++Erik Lervold - Art Wanted++
++Tiger Moth++
++Meredith Dillman++
++Guardian Sun Studios++
++The Looking Glass Wars++

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