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    Coming soon:
    Blackberry - classy lingerie & loungewear



    I also work partner on projects with
    some very talented people who I
    recommend for special occasion wares.

  • Jewelry - Bionic Unicorn
  • Bloomers - Megan Maude
  • Hats and crowns - Apatico
  • Photography - Photosynthetique
  • Photography - Fairshadow Photography
  • Hair - Elizabeth Downs
  • Corsets - Scoundrelle's Keep
  • Make-up - Being Fab

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  • Are you looking for a custom item for your wedding or special occasion?

    Consider Samantha Rei for your special day needs!
    From dresses to jewelry and fascinators to bows, we can make a beautiful outfit together.

    All items are custom made for you. These dresses require multiple fittings and ample time.

    Ansley Grams - Custom Bridal Theresa 3388789193_e9721b823a_o
    kat_wedding kelly

    For quick deals on hair accessories, please take a look at my Etsy.

    To custom order an item, get a quote or ask a question, please drop me a line at Blasphemina.

    Hope to do business with you!

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